core team
Renuka Prabhakar President & CEO
Ms. Prabhakar has over 15 years of experience in operations management within the manufacturing and repair industries, including 6 years of experience as a small business owner. Ms. Prabhakar’s expertise is in process optimization and quality assurance. Throughout her career, Ms. Prabhakar has successfully developed and implemented innovative manufacturing strategies for new products. She has played significant roles in product development and design.
Grant Marchelli E.I.T., M.S. - CTO
Mr. Marchelli is a two-time Xerox Technical Fellow and was the Principal Investigator for EnVitrum’s NSF Phase I SBIR and UW’s CGF grants. Over the past four years, his focus has been on the development and mechanical characterization of ceramic and glass materials. Mr. Marchelli has developed a number of theoretical models for novel material systems. He was also nominated for the 2010 UW Innovator Award in Research for contributions to the scientific understanding of micro-scale ceramic and glass behavior.