advisory board - technical advisors EnVitrum draws knowledge from an experienced and well-rounded advisory board consisting of individuals with expertise in all relevant disciplines.
Dr. Mamidala Ramulu Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington Dr. Ramulu is a member of the Mechanical Engineering Department’s Senior Faculty. He is a Presidential Young Investigator and a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Dr. Ramulu’s research interests include solid mechanics and advanced manufacturing processes. His main research activities focus on the field fracture mechanics and its implications in manufacturing engineering.
Dr. Per Reinhall Mechanical Engineering Department Chair, University of Washington Dr. Reinhall’s most recent research focuses on decreasing the environmental impact of marine construction equipment. Dr. Reinhall has a particular interest in the convergence of technology and commercialization. He has been a founding member in a number of successful technology start-ups. As Department Chair, Dr. Reinhall has been instrumental in promoting entrepreneurship within the engineering community.