how does it work?
EnVitrum’s process is compatible with both post-consumer and post-industrial waste glass. Once the waste glass is diverted from the landfill, it’ll be processed by masonry manufacturing facilities using their existing equipment. In a nutshell, making a brick is like making a cake. You mix the raw materials together, put that mixture into a mold and bake it. But it’s a little more complicated.
Making EnVitrum’s material uses the same established processes and equipment as those used in the masonry industry. In our case, crushed glass is combined with our trade secret blend of binding agents, formed into bricks, tiles or plates and this mixture is put through a complex, patent-pending, multi-stage firing process.
What comes out of the furnace differs greatly from your standard masonry product. Our material is distinct in that it contains a highly complex, network of interconnected micro-pores.